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Why should I have my dress made, rather than buy off-the-peg?

• My gowns are designed specifically for you, the client

• Each dress is individually made to your requirements

• Your dress will be an exclusive design

• Complete freedom and flexibility in choice of colours and materials

• Sized perfectly for you, whatever your size and not adjusted from a standard size (after all, who is really a standard size?)

• A toile (a mock-up in calico)  is made of your dress,

to ensure a perfect fit, before it is made up in silk

Follow The Design Path to see what is involved in having a dress designed and made exclusively for you.

What is a toile?  A toile is a mock up of a dress made from calico or muslin. The calico is pinned, cut to shape and any design alterations are made to get the exact fit, before cutting the dress from silk. The toile is an important stage when making couture garments as it ensures the dress fits the client solely, making it a one-off.

Here is a photo of Susan during her toile fitting.

Will you advise me on what style would suit my figure?  Yes. I will advise you on styles to flatter your best features and conceal parts of the body that you would rather not emphasize! I always make a toile (calico mock-up) of your garment so that you can see for yourself and be reassured before I cut into the silk fabric. There are lots of “tricks of the trade” such as by changing the shape of a neckline slightly I can make a bust appear smaller or larger; by carefully positioning the panels on a dress it can make you look slimmer or taller etc.; a corset bodice can make waists smaller; cups and padding can make busts larger etc.

How much time do I need to have my dress made?   Preferably I would like to have 6-9 months notice to make a wedding dress, and at least 3 months notice for other garments. Having your dress designed and made for you should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience and I like to finish a commission in plenty of time to avoid un-necessary stress! I am able to make a commission in shorter notice, depending on my diary. Surprisingly, I am not always busiest during the Summer months and sometimes have more Winter wedding orders, so please phone to enquire, as I will try my best to fit you in.

What is a bias-cut dress?  A bias-cut dress is when the fabric is cut on the diagonal of the fabric, against the grain. This makes the garment drape beautifully. This form of cutting a garment is used frequently in Couture evening and bridal wear.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much do you charge?

All of my dresses are individual and the price depends on numerous factors:

• The style of the garment

• How much work is involved in the style  

• The kind of fabric used  

• How much fabric is required

• The embellishment (detail)  

• How many fittings are required etc.

Once meeting you for an informal chat over a coffee I will sketch ideas, show you fabric samples and then be able to give you an exact costing once we have come up with a style.

My prices start from:

 •  wedding dress - £1500  •  evening dress - £1000   

 •  cocktail dress - £750  •  bridesmaid/prom dress -  £750

 •  day wear: dress - £450  •  jacket - £400  •  skirt - £350  

(Rough price guide including fabric but take above factors into consideration. It is impossible to give an exact price without discussing your requirements.)

Do you do alterations?  I only alter Wedding Dresses and only if I can fit you in between my bespoke work!   So please phone me and I will try to accommodate you or I can recommend you to other seamstresses.

Do I need an appointment?  Yes. Appointment only, so please phone to arrange a convenient time to come and see me. I am flexible with appointments and I am happy to see clients during the day- time, evenings or weekends.

How do I pay for my dress?  Your first consultation is free with no obligation. I either ask for a 50% deposit at the toile fitting and the rest of the balance is due on completion of your dress; or a smaller deposit and regular instalments, depending on the cost of your dress. I take cash, cheques and card payments.

Can you advise me on what fabric to choose?  Yes. I have an extensive catalogue of fabric samples and I will advise you on the fabric suitable for your style of dress and also the colour best suited for your skin type.

A bias cut dress A calico toile