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The Design Process - From a sketch

From the sketch...

At the first appointment I will discuss your requirements to design your dream gown or outfit. I will sketch designs based on your needs and advise you about styles that will flatter your shape.

With an extensive catalogue of finest silks, I will recommend suitable fabrics for your commissioned design; whether a crisp duchess satin, delicate chiffon or luxurious crepe satin that will drape beautifully.

When you have your wedding dress made for you, you can choose any colour you want.  I can advise you on which colour will compliment your skin colouring and team with your choice of colours for your attendants.

Beading or embroidery detail will be discussed, as well as suitability of the outfit for the function and venue, along with any religious requirements.

This first consultation is free of charge, with no obligation.

The Design Path.

Why should you choose to have a Bespoke wedding dress made for you, rather than just buying an “off-the-peg” dress?

• My gowns are designed specifically for you, the client

• Your dress will be an exclusive design

• Each dress is individually made to your requirements

• A toile (a mock-up in calico) is made of your dress, to ensure a perfect fit, before it is made up in silk

• Complete freedom and flexibility in choice of colours

and materials

• Sized perfectly for you, whatever your size and not adjusted from a standard size (after all, who is really a standard size?

Embroidery for Bridal wear

...to the Final Creation.

It is difficult to say how many fittings you will need from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your gown, as each design is individual. On average you can expect approximately 5-6 fittings for a bride, consisting of the first consultation, 1 toile fitting and then 3-4 silk fittings.

I like to complete a gown a month before the wedding to relieve the bride from unnecessary panic. I appreciate how stressful organising a wedding can be! However a lot of brides lose weight on the lead up to their Wedding, (whether intentional or not) so I will always discuss deadlines with you and fit around your schedule.

My aim is to make the whole design process a pleasurable and stress-free experience.

This riding jacket was designed to be worn with a full, netted skirt for the church ceremony and then photographed here with a straight skirt, for the bride’s going away outfit.

If you still have questions about having your dress made for you,

then please do not hesitate to call me.

...to the toile...

A toile, or mock up of the dress, will then be made in calico and modelled to the body at this fitting.

 This is an important stage in the process to get the fit perfect before cutting the silk. If the dress is to be made in an expensive silk and lace then half a  metre of fabric can make a big difference to the end cost of the gown!

At this stage any necessary changes and adjustments  will be made to the design to flatter the figure. With my experience in pattern cutting I assure you the perfect fit, whatever your size.

 Any detail on the dress can be drawn onto the calico to get the positioning and proportion right. Any embroidery or beading samples can be pinned on to the toile. The shape of the neckline can be designed to flatter an heirloom necklace. The length of the train can be decided with the venue in mind.

This calico  becomes your unique pattern that your dress is created from and is not used for anyone else. I never make the same dress twice, as my designs are bespoke  and exclusive to the client.

Appropriate underwear and shoes need to be worn to all fittings. I will advise on whether you need to buy a suitable basque or whether I will structure a bodice into the dress or add bust cups.

Wendy Jonas Bridal wear Cutting out a calico toile