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Q: I'm a classic pear shape with large hips  and small bust. Can you tell me what style of  dress will flatter my figure, rather than make me look wider than I am?

Wendy says: Most Brides-to-be don't realise that  dresses with large netted skirts will actually hide  your hips and not exaggerate them. Don't be afraid  to choose a dress with a large skirt! A traditional  “Princess” style wedding dress with a fitted corset  bodice and full skirt is perfect for your shape.

Choose a corset bodice that has a “V” shaped  hem rather than straight across your hips. This will  divide the width of your hips and lengthen your body. Embellishment detail on the bodice will bring  attention to your bust rather than your hips.You could even add bust cups if you feel your bust  is too small (but don't go too large as your bust will  look false!)  A 50's style dress with a full net skirt is a great  style to disguise your hips.

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 Some of your questions answered...

Q: I’ve recently gone on a very successful pre-wedding diet and have managed to drop down to a size 10. I’m not used to dressing for my new   frame, and I’m on the lookout for a wedding dress that will show off my new figure. Are there any styles that will really flatter my new shape? Wendy says: Congratulations on your new shape. There are lots of styles you can wear to show off your new figure. Fishtail dresses are very sexy styles that are fitted and then flare out  from the knee of the skirt. You could wear a panelled slinky dress, “red carpet” style or a backless dress. Medieval style dresses are very flattering on a smaller figure. Or the traditional fitted corset bodice accentuates a tiny waist...like Kate Middleton's dress!

You don't need to have a very revealing dress to show off your smaller size. Just don't go for a huge dress with masses of fabric.

Q: I'm not very traditional and when it comes to planning my wedding day I want to make it as unique as possible. I really don't want to go for a typical big, white dress and was hoping to find something a little bit different. Have you got any suggestions? Wendy says: It is your wedding and you can wear exactly what you want. Look around at any dresses you like from boutiques / vintage shops / internet / red carpet celebrities dresses, not necessarily wedding dress shops. Think about the style of clothes you feel comfortable in...do you want a strapless dress; do you want your arms covered; what about a trouser suit? You could pick your favourite colour and steer away from the traditional white/ivory altogether. Perhaps choose a theme or an era...50's glamour or a 70's hippy theme? Think about you and your Groom and interests you have together. Is he a biker? You could wear white leather!!! The choices are endless. Decide what you want and have it made if you can't find it. I tend to make bridal-wear for brides exactly like you, who want a personal touch and want to steer away from the traditional wedding. Have fun!

Q: I'm a size 6 and 5 ft and generally have to have clothes tailored to fit me. For my wedding day I wanted to wear a gorgeous, sparkly princess-style gown but every one I try on seems to just swamp me, and I'm concerned that even if I have a dress in this style customised I might end up looking like I'm playing dress-up. Are there any other styles that would suit my body better or should I just order the gown I want and keep my fingers crossed?Wendy says: You should go for the style of gown you want! Just keep the fabric simple, in silk and the sparkly embellishment dainty... small beads and diamonds rather than large stones (to suit your dainty frame.) A fishtail style would look good on your size or follow these guidelines...Keep your dress fairly fitted around the top instead of having ruffles and fuss! Don't go for the Katie Price tulle skirt but choose a  full silk skirt, that is panelled at the hips and not gathered. You can have a train as this will elongate your body, but not too long that you look swamped. Keep your sparkly embellishment to your bodice and hem of skirt/ train only. Wear a tiara to add more subtle sparkle. You don't need to go for masses of fabric and over accessorise the embellishment to look like a princess and sparkle!

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